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Phone: 408-369-1756
Address: 2021 Camden Ave San Jose, CA 95124 (Google Map)

Happiness Nails Description

Happiness Nails is a nail salon located at 2021 Camden Ave in San Jose, CA. It has a 3 star rating.

Happiness Nails Hours

  • Sun  9:30 am - 7:30 pm
    Mon  9:30 am - 7:30 pm
    Tue  9:30 am - 7:30 pm
    Wed  9:30 am - 7:30 pm
    Thu  9:30 am - 7:30 pm
    Fri  9:30 am - 7:30 pm
    Sat  10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Happiness Nails Amenities

  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
  • Parking : Private Lot
  • Bike Parking : Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
  • By Appointment Only : No

Happiness Nails Reviews

Cathy H. rated it

Los Gatos, CA

5/21/2013: Pretty average on decor, staff & cleanliness-if you're a fan of local comedian Anjelah Johnson, you'll know what I mean.   I keep coming back time after time because once you get used to the price menu and say no to all the upselling offers, bottom line is great value for a pedi that lasts forever.  Beware of the ATM.  They don't let you tip on credit and on one visit I had no cash. The fee on my $20 withdraw was a joke, but I always make sure I have cash for tip now before going! I do understand the one star reviews for first timers, but this place has a ton of regulars. Nice massage chairs makes my once a month visit worthwhile and I drive a couple miles to get there when a similar salon is within walking distance of my home.

Julia C. rated it

San Jose, CA

10/4/2014: Worst manicure I've ever gotten. Looks like a 2 year old did my nails. Awful. Also didn't hear one word of English my whole visit. Will not be coming back

Jennifer B. rated it

San Jose, CA

7/4/2014 Updated review: I don't come to this salon any longer. The men are very rough with their pedicures. The women cut the cuticles on my toes till they bled. Pedicures are supposed to be relaxing but each experience was becoming more and more painful. I kept leaving with hurt fingers and toes from rough clean up. Not worth the pain and discomfort.  I have found a new salon that is a little more but I haven't been cut or have had a bad experience it's been about a year.Sorry with a laugh doesn't fix the pain caused. Walking out with sore feet and fingers no good. Maybe it's gotten better? Not willing to find out.

Nikki Cheri M. rated it

San Jose, CA

3/15/2012 Previous review: Probably the worst manicure and service I've ever received. A toddler could have done a better job. This place should be called Nails of Despair

Gina P. rated it

San Jose, CA

5/4/2014: They dont clean their tools, my friend was right after me n the lady used the same tools & grinding machine on her, might add i was cut too, so blood on the tools!! later in the day my cut got swollen, when i called to complain they didnt care n said im sorry about that, it got so infected had to go to the doctors to drain my infected finger, i plan to report them, no one should risk their health for this place!!!!! Also the nail techs arent licensed-when asked they had no idea what I was asking, no paperwork displayed showning this anywhere in salon.....how is this salon able to continue to be open???

Ann W. rated it

San Jose, CA

5/13/2014: The place was dirty. Broken floor tiles.  The mani/pedi I received was one of the worst I have had. No massage on hands or feet. The employees who didn't have clients were sitting out in the main area eating their lunch and talking so loudly that you could not relax. The painting of my nails was sloppy and was applied so thick and fast that many air bubbles formed causing it to flake and peel by the next day. Will not be going back and would not recommend it to anyone.

Reisa S. rated it

San Jose, CA

7/20/2014: The ladies were nice but gave me an awful manicure and pedicure. They didn't clean my cuticles, my nails were filed but were all crooked, and the nail polish they used was too old or too thick because it all bubbled and peeled as soon as it dried. I came in on a weekday during the morning and they weren't even busy. They were just lazy and sloppy. Never again. Waste of money.

Adrianna V. rated it

San Jose, CA

5/8/2014: Walked in to have my gelish removed, was happy I only had to pay $5.00 since it is usually more expensive when you are not having a nail service with the take-off. What turned me off was the nail tech's chatting across the salon, not seeing where the "clean" tools came from, and not seeing any licenses. Browsed at the price list for services (they do not have a menu at the front, I found the service list at the pedi stations) and prices seemed a lil high considering the cheap enviornment. I recommend Pink Beauty and Spa, although much smaller they are much more professional and friendly. I left not knowing my nail tech's name or anything about this place, surprised I remembered enough to finish writing this review.

Nichole O. rated it

Milpitas, CA

9/16/2013: I don't know who said this place was clean, but it wasn't. One of the most unsanitary places I have ever been to... I have my cosmetology license, I know the proper procedures of a pedicure and sanitation... There is a station next to the pedicure chairs to cut hair, after a man got their hair cut, the woman who cut his hair left the hair there on the floor, mind you this is near one of the entrances, someone could have slipped on it, and it wasn't being cleaned even after I had said something. After our pedicure people came in and also received a pedicure. THEY DID NOT TAKE OUT ALL THE PARTS OF THE MACHINE TO CLEAN IT.. This place should have state board come in. As for the people that work there! RUDE, MEAN, UNFRIENDLY! no smiles nothing, and my manicure and pedicure were terrible. I still have paint on my nails from my previous manicure on my supposed to be "fresh" manicure. wish I could get my money back, the WORST most UNSANITARY place for a MANI/PEDI... turn around and go to another place.

T Lee S. rated it

San Jose, CA

3/26/2013: I came here for the first time to get a mani & pedi.  Beware! - They keep trying to push you to upgrade.  I normally spend about $45 for a mani & pedi somewhere else.  I ended up spending $85.  I got the paraffin hand and feet treatment, but I don't think that was worth an extra $40.

Christina M. rated it

San Jose, CA

1/3/2013: Very Clean! Very Friendly! Very Relaxing! I go once a month for a pedi and waxing and every 2 weeks for gels. I love Kelly, Connie, the Guys, and one other girl. It is expensive, but worth spoiling myself once/twice a month. Never a wait. I always walk in.

Annie J. rated it

San Jose, CA

1/30/2013: I went in for a pedicure and manicure, and the staff was very friendly. The nail technician, Tom, that worked on my nails was very happy and cheerful with me and his other customers. He did a very nice job on my nails. I had a good experience.

Theresa N. rated it

Campbell, CA

4/6/2014 Updated review: I'm always happy with Happiness. I go here by myself or with my mom and/or friends about every three weeks or so. They tend to remember us, which is nice and it is so relaxing. Since my initial review, they have changed the menu a bit. There are now 4 different options for a pedicure. If I want to splurge, I'll go for the #1 as it comes with an extra 10 minute or so massage of my arms and legs. So relaxing!  They work their butts off and never seem to get a day off.There are a couple guys that work there too and they are just as good at the pedis as the women. Thank you Happiness!*Don't be deceived by the ATM machine inside, they do take credit cards. There's also a Wells Fargo on the other side of Lucky's. They prefer cash so they don't have to claim the tips for taxes, but honestly, I never have cash, so sorry about that ladies!

Ronnie H. rated it

Santa Cruz, CA

5/27/2013 Previous review: Not really great, only the males are really friendly, tried it several times and need to find another place!!! Too pricey and always trying to up sell, so much that it get annoying.Oh and fish deliveries during nails done...no goodIf you want them to stay late though this is your place.

Angelica R. rated it

San Jose, CA

5/28/2010 Updated review: Was in major need of an eyebrow wax so I walked in hoping all went well... The only reason they get 1 star is cuz my eyebrows actually look really good! However, next time I'll make the 8 mile drive to my usual eyebrow place. I got there and asked how long I would be waiting they said just sit it will be 2 min. But I wasn't called into the room until 15 min later then I waited another 5. (again I was in need of a wax which is why I waited so long). She walks in and doesn't even say hi... Just grabs the wax and goes straight for my eyebrows. I was so shocked I actually grabbed her arm and said "um maybe you want to find out what I want you to do before you touch my eyebrows" she looked at me like I was crazy. I finally told her what I wanted and she waxed them. She then trims my eyebrows and when shes done she wipes the hair off my face with a kleenex. She just rubbed it all over my face and wasn't even trying to be gentle. Now she starts plucking.... I don't know if she realized I was an actual human being because she was turning my face as if it were a doll and she was plucking so hard she grabbed my skin once or twice. She was just too rough!I waited 20 min and she took 5-8 min to do my eyebrows. However like I said she did do a great job! Won't come here again though!!!

Christen R. rated it

San Jose, CA

4/28/2008 Previous review: Love it here! I've been getting fills and pedicures here for at least 6 years. I've gone to other salons with friends but always end up back here. I've always found this salon to be clean and comfortable with good service.

Immortal S. rated it

Campbell, CA

10/3/2012: I have had it with this place, they are too inconsistant. Sometimes it great and others, like today was horrible.I came in for a pedicure like I always do and got some rude lady. She gave me cold water, hurt my foot by pulling and tugging, ( instead of using words to tell me what she wanted). She later burned me scorching hot water and almost made my nail bleed. Then became really pushy with the extended services $$$$ even when I told her NO the first 3 times she asked. I am over it. It's not worth it for $25 bucks, waste of money. I'm going back to the east side. Ugh.

Maryana S. rated it

San Jose, CA

1/21/2012: i hated this place. I had some free time after lunch today, decided to stop by this place since it was in the parking lot I was already in. BIG MISTAKE!!! I came in they told me to pick a color, after I did that they put me in a chair, stuck my feet in cold water and proceeded to make me wait 10 minutes, at which point the girl comes up to me and asks if everythings okay. in any event, the girl (i dont know her name she never introduced herself) started to do my nails, I told her I wanted a #3 pedicure, she kept pushing me to get a more expensive pedicure. I started to get a little testy so she stopped, later she had asked again if I wanted to upgrade. The girl who did my nails was the "manager" she did an okay job, but the pedicure was horrible, She smugged my toes and didnt even offer to clean it up and redo it. Charged me $25 FOR A PEDICURE I WASNT HAPPY  WITH.  to top it all of, they only accept cash, WOULD BE NICE IF YOU HAD IT POSTED SOMEWHERE, they have an atm machine in their salon which conveniently charges $1.00 per transaction. Very inconvenient. I ended up being so unhappy that I didnt even leave them a tip.  I WILL NEVER COME BACK, DONT RECOMMEND TO OTHERS.

J B. rated it

San Jose, CA

4/2/2013: HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!I went in for a gel manicure and they messed it up TWICE.  The first time I left the salon I noticed the gel was smudging and I could scrape if off (this should not happen with gel).  I went back in and had the lady do it over.  It did the same thing the second time.  I was so fed up with being in that place that I didn't go back to have her "fix" it a third time.  I just scraped it off myself.  I will NEVER go back there!

Kristin R. rated it

San Jose, CA

7/25/2010 Updated review: This last Sunday, I went here after my shift with my two of my friends.  We would have gone to my usual place (Tip N Toe), but they had a half hour wait and the three of us had someplace to be in an hour.  So we drove around and found this place.  Upon walking up, I thought it strange that it was quiet on a Sunday.  Okay not quiet, but not packed.  Strange for a Sunday afternoon.  We were greeted right away and were told to pick a color.  After we selected our color, we sat around and waited.  They didn't tell us to wait, we just assumed.  They didn't come up and say it'll be a couple of minutes, we just assumed to sit down in the chairs at the entrance.  So after about ten minutes or so, we were seen.  I found out that they did nail polish which my friend and I opted for while our other friend got a pedicure.The woman who did my nails (she never introduced herself and her nail tag was flipped in a weird way so that I couldn't read her name) was okay.  It hurt when she cut my cuticles and I still have two scabs from it.  She wasn't very attentive though because there is striking in the color and some black specs in the color on my left thumb.  That and it's already chipping.  It was $27 for the gel color.  My friend who got the gel nail polish as well ended up having to take it off.  But our other friend loved her pedi.  It could be because we walked in towards the end of the day, but they were still taking people as we left (even though they were supposed to have closed by then).  In any case, I'll stick with my usual.  I'll probably have to go get another mani in a week or two.  Thanks but no thanks, I've been to better places.

Michelle M. rated it

San Jose, CA

6/20/2010 Previous review: This place is right near my house. Went here as a last resort because I was going on a date that evening. I forgot that woman who did my nails all I can remember was the pain. I should of left after she made my second finger bleed. She nicked every SINGLE one of my cuticles all my fingers had cuts and dried blood under them after and they were sore for DAYS!! The cuts were also really deep, I was so scared of getting an infection I keep applying Neosporin on all my fingers. Every time soap touched them they burned!! And to top it off I got the gel mani it all peeled off 4 days later "/ NEVER will I be back.

Jurija M. rated it

Honolulu, HI

6/18/2010 Previous review: As I sit and write this review, I am filing away at my nails and debating whether or not I should head over to another salon to have them fixed because I am about to snap them all off in anger.My fill took two hours.Why you ask?They don't HEAR you when you talk.Their way or the highway.NEVEREVERAGAIN!

Kristin M. rated it

San Jose, CA

8/14/2011: I am updating my review of this place now that Hannah is gone (who was the ONLY good thing about this salon). I can tell you from multiple experiences here with other personnel that it isn't the best in town.This place has 10+ chairs and TONS of staff but even with all of that you'll be waiting 15+ minutes for your pedicure to start with or without an appointment. The staff speak AT each other LOUDLY in another language. Bickering and being rude.They are CHEAP and I don't mean cost. Their products are poor quality, they won't cut cuticles for nail fills, won't massage hands for full sets, make you use the ATM machine when they DO in fact accept credit cards, they fight with each other over customers etc. etc.You are pressured the entire pedicure to get the "upgraded" more expensive oneand propositioned to get additional services by at least 4 different personnel.The salon owner won't tell customers where Hannah is now so I will put it out here in case anyone wants to find her---------------*****Hannah is now at Cutoure Salon & Spa located at 4878 San Felipe Road in San Jose. That is a way NICER and classier salon that is worth the 20 minute drive.

North G. rated it

Campbell, CA

1/27/2013: I go to this nail salon a lot.  It's close to my house & near other businesses that I go to.it is quick and fairly priced.  I took my daughter & her friends here for her birthday and they have a child price which saved me $.  I wish their massage chairs didn't hurt my back though, they are pretty rough.  The employees are nice and sometimes funny.  They show you a choice of services card at the beginning and you choose.  I've never been made to feel uncomfortable about which one I choose.  I always walk in, never make an appointment, even when I brought in the girls and always got taken care of quickly.  I would recommend this salon.  I only get mani pedis no other services.

Jennifer P. rated it

South Pasadena, CA

5/4/2011: First, I don't know why the city listing and address say Campbell (or used to) because this nail salon is in San Jose just south of the Camden Community Center and in the shopping center with Lucky, Chipotle, Le Boulanger, etc. This is one of my neighborhood nail salons, and although it is not the best ever in pedicuredom, the price for a basic can't be beat, especially with many chi-chi places a few miles away in Los Gatos. You know it's true. I once paid $70 for a pedicure while on vacation in Jackson, WY, and beyond $20 you're just paying for frivolous touches like bottled mineral water, pedicurists with a standardized English accent, a longer foot massage, and maybe up-to-date magazines to browse. As for the overselling mentioned by other reviewers, I haven't gotten that at all. I get asked only one time if I want to upgrade to something longer. Don't tell me it's because I'm also Asian that they don't bug me more!The salon is clean and naturally well lit, and I haven't had any problems with with the staff's work. The best thing is being able to walk in at different times and not having to wait to get a pedicure, and when you're in a hurry, they can do a great job in 20 minutes or less (like when I had to be out the door on time to pick up my child). This nail salon is a no-frills stop for people who like the convenience of walk-in service, proximity to errand stores, nice and professional staff. I am a repeat customer.